Frozen Pipes

What to do when you have frozen pipes A frozen water pipe is no joke. Left frozen for too long, the pipe can crack and cause thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage to your property. Even if you have … Read more

Structural Restoration

Structural restoration should be done as soon as possible because water can cause damages of personal belongings and will attract moisture for mold and mildew growth. Water Damage Restoration Basically, water damage restoration should be done by an expert professional. … Read more

Water Damage Packing Service

House floods are terrible catastrophes for homeowners because they bring with them an overwhelming amount of work necessary for any recovery. The best way to handle house floods or sewage overflows is to trust the labor to trained experts who … Read more

Water Damage Under Kitchen Sink

Leaky Kitchen Sinks Kitchen sinks are known to be a main contributor of water damage. A clogged sink or drain pipe can leave your kitchen and home looking like a river in no time at all! What’s more disgusting is … Read more

Water Damage Attic

Identify water damage When water damage occurs, most people anticipate the damage done to floors and walls after a house flood. Many homeowners overlook how important it is to be aware of the potential damage done to homes, particularly attics, … Read more

Water Damage Safety and Health

Water Damage Safety and Health – Sunnyvale There are a lot of standards that many people do not know exist in concern for their home’s health. These standards include points for air quality, mold prevention or remediation, and flood cleanup. … Read more

Flood Clean Up

Flood Clean Up Flooding can occur because of all kinds of situations. From a burst pipe in your home to heavy rainfall and a high water table, there are plenty of ways that disaster can befall you. Here at Sunnyvale … Read more

Sewage Clean Up

House floods wreak damage upon homes, leaving behind permanent stains and doing harm to the structural integrity (not to mention ruining carpets, furnishings, and draperies). But even worse than your high water tables or burst pipe house flood is a … Read more

Water Damage Under Wood Floors

Safely Repairing a Water Damaged Wood Floor Water can eat away at paint coating and cause warping within minutes. Before you can begin the restoration process, you’ll need to immediately shut off all water valves and water sources. Once the … Read more

Water Damage Restoration Sunnyvale

Water Damage Restoration Sunnyvale At 911 Remediation, we are the most preferred water damage restoration specialists in town. We cover the beautiful Sunnyvale area, with technicians that remain on call 24/7 to assist. Water damage is every homeowner’s biggest nightmare. … Read more