Sewage Clean Up

House floods wreak damage upon homes, leaving behind permanent stains and doing harm to the structural integrity (not to mention ruining carpets, furnishings, and draperies). But even worse than your high water tables or burst pipe house flood is a sewage flood. If you ever find yourself the victim of a flood of feces and contamination, you must react as quickly as possible following these steps:
1. Get out of the house.
2. Call Sunnyvale SOS.
3. Trust their team of professionals to help you preserve your home and restore it to a habitable and comfortable

Many people wrongly assume that they can handle their own house floods and never call for professional help. Without a professional on the job, you’re going to run into trouble as sewage floods are not only smelly, but they contain many dangerous contaminants and require proper protective gear and equipment. The longer there is standing water in your home, the more damage the water will do to the walls, floors, etc. The flood needs to be drained and then the entire home needs to be ventilated. Professionals like Sunnyvale SOS will bring in high-grade pumps and fans to ventilate and remove all the moisture possible.

After the home has been thoroughly dried, any fecal matter and other waste will need to be cleaned up. Professional restoration and remediation companies will have commercial grade chemicals they will utilize to completely eradicate any contamination from the home. Your home will also be thoroughly inspected for any serious damage done to the walls and ceilings as well as potential weak spots where mold may begin to grow. Professional water damage repair will remove those areas that have been compromised and restore them to a pre-flood condition.

The processes and procedures for sewage flooding restoration, as carried out by the highly trained team at Sunnyvale SOS, are very straightforward and have been practiced over and over. You can trust this team to have you and your needs as the top of their priorities; we will respond quickly and stick around until the job is done. If you get sewage flooding, don’t waste any time: call for help and save your home!