Client Testimonials

Some feedback from our clients:

“I was doing the laundry, when all of a sudden, the hose broke. There was water all over the place, and my basement started to look like a river! I knew not to panic, so I decided to give Sunnyvale SOS a call. I had heard very good things about them through a friend of mine, who had used their services before. Well, as it turns out, she was right! The technician saved the day, and was reasonably priced as well. Thanks for coming to the rescue!” – Danielle D.


“We had just returned from a very long vacation, and wanted to go straight to bed. There was only one problem, our bed was completely filled with water, from a leak in our ceiling. The water kept trickling down, and the bucket was soon full. We were getting very tired and aggravated, and had to seek out a professional right away. My wife had told me about a 24/7 company in the area. When the technician came, we were almost certain that the water would start flowing to our son’s room, since his door is next to ours. I guess it was our lucky day because the technician plugged the leaky pipe almost instantly, and even took the time to give us a few helpful tips. We truly appreciate the wonderful services. Thank you.” – Vincent D.


“I was exercising in the basement, when I began coughing heavily and started to experience slight nausea. I knew there was something in our basement, but could not figure out what it was. Low and behold, it was a disgusting patch of mold that had begun forming from a leaky drainage pipe outside our home. The nasty bacteria was all over the basement, and I didn’t want to get near it, since I was already sick. I was so happy that I had remembered Sunnyvale SOS, on a friend’s personal recommendation. The awesome technician destroyed all the gross mold bacteria and explained to me a few ways in which I can clean the basement, and be aware for future signs of mold. I am sure glad I reached out to Sunnyvale SOS.” – Marina B.


“I was cooking dinner, when out of nowhere, I started seeing water all over the kitchen floor. It took me a few seconds before I realized that there was a problem with our dishwasher. The water was slowly creeping into the living room, and I was afraid it would damage our carpet and couch. We really had no time to wait for a plumber to come by in the morning, and gave the guys at Sunnyvale SOS a call. The young lady who assisted me on the phone, couldn’t have been any sweeter and within an hour, a friendly technician had arrived to our home. He quickly resolved the situation before the damages could accumulate. I can’t express my gratitude enough” – Rita W.


“We had a problem with our leaky roof. The water was coming down our living room, like heavy rainstorms. I thought about renting out an industrial vacuum and dryer, but it was way too expensive. I had read a few books about DIY (Do It Yourself) home repairs, but decided to leave this in the hands of a professional. The restoration specialist arrived in a really fast time, and tackled that annoying leaky roof issue. I was very pleased with the awesome level of customer satisfaction I received as well. You guys will definitely be getting my business again!” – Greg B.