Water Damage Attic

Identify water damage

When water damage occurs, most people anticipate the damage done to floors and walls after a house flood. Many homeowners overlook how important it is to be aware of the potential damage done to homes, particularly attics, by the regular water that comes after years of storms, seasons of wetness, and summer humidity. The attic on your home is one of the greatest defenses you have against the elements and therefore is the location that is the most vulnerable to damage. Understanding how to identify water damage to the attic as well as what should be done to restore it is an important part of maintaining a comfortable and well-kept home.

Professional Inspection

After summer humidity and winter storms (so around the season changes) or at least annually, it’s important to have your attic inspected. You should keep an eye on things yourself as well. Calling for professional inspection is incredibly important when you have discovered signs of water damage from outside or inside the house.
• Outside: If you see dark spots on the roof or bits of flashing beneath the shingles when you are outside, then that’s a good indicator that water might be getting inside.
• Inside: When you look at the attic from the inside, you may see large dark stains, the insulation might be matted, or you will actually see and smell the mold growing in your attic.
Professionals like our team at Sunnyvale SOS will come with protective gear and industry equipment that will help them uncover any water damage attic in Sunnyvale and provide the best repair.

What Water Damage Can Do

Water damage can be severe enough to create penetrating leaks into the home, ruin insulation (which results in higher heating bills), and eventually cause the roof to sink in. Water damage is not just a danger to the structural integrity of your home; it can be a threat to the health of every person living within the home. Water damage introduces contaminants, particularly molds like toxic black mold, into the home environment and can compromise the air quality. For individuals suffering from respiratory diseases, black mold is very dangerous. The good news is that professional restoration experts can nearly guarantee complete restoration of healthy conditions and protection from the elements!