Water Damage Under Kitchen Sink

Leaky Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks are known to be a main contributor of water damage. A clogged sink or drain pipe can leave your kitchen and home looking like a river in no time at all! What’s more disgusting is the fact that a garbage disposal can be backed up and overflow all over the floor. Make sure you have a pair of boots on if you’re going to perform any do-it-yourself repairs. The last thing you need is to be soaked up by the water. Have a pair of rubber gloves handy and a dust mask for going below the sink level. Mold and mildew may be found here, so take caution.

Make sure the main water valve is properly turned off beforehand. You’ll want to remove any pots, pans, utensils, cleaning agents and any other items below the sink that could be drenched in the process. You can place a bucket underneath the kitchen sink cabinet until the plumber arrives. You may get some unintentional exercise here, so be prepared! You’ll want to dump out the excess water from the bucket into the toilet to prevent the water from spilling all over the place. Seal the areas off with a dry towel in the meantime.

Look for any signs of the leak if you can. Some of the signs might not be too obvious for the naked eye and should be left to a professional. There is always the chance of mold growth beneath the kitchen sink. Do not attempt to clean any mold by yourself, since you could face major health risks. You can scrub and disinfect the items, but toss out any frying pans or larger pots that have mold present. Be sure to leave the cabinet doors open for a full day to dry out.

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