Water Damage Packing Service

House floods are terrible catastrophes for homeowners because they bring with them an overwhelming amount of work necessary for any recovery. The best way to handle house floods or sewage overflows is to trust the labor to trained experts who are trained in the process of remediation, from water damage packing service in Sunnyvale to complete clean up and decontamination. Our team here at Sunnyvale SOS has many years of experience organizing an efficient and impeccable clean-up crew. Our technicians and team members are more than happy to provide dedicated assistance and make your disaster recovery as easy as possible.

Restoration and Packing Process

After a disaster strikes immediate action is the most important step of all. With quick work a high percentage of homes can be completely restored to their pre-flood condition. Calling for professional help means enlisting some of the most tested and tried procedures for Sunnyvale remediation. These processes begin with carefully removing all superfluous property from the rooms that have been affected. We understand the importance of your belongings both sentimentally and financially. We will carefully organize a complete documentation of every item in a photo catalog. Next we will make sure not only to put your property away in storage, but to clean and decontaminate it completely and protect it until it can be returned to you.

After a room is carefully cleared our team will begin to pump out all the standing water. We employ the use of high-grade pumps and vacuums to remove all the water. Then with a fan and dehumidifier we’ll help circulate and ventilate until all the moisture is removed from the room. When the flood is completely dried we will clean the carpets, walls and ceilings inspecting for any signs of damage and potential mold threats. Any water damage will be repaired, drywall replaced, and your home restored.

If your home is damaged by flooding or sewage overflow call for professional help from our team at Sunnyvale SOS and we’ll make sure through Sunnyvale water damage packing service your property is protected.