Water Damage Safety and Health

Water Damage Safety and Health – Sunnyvale

There are a lot of standards that many people do not know exist in concern for their home’s health. These standards include points for air quality, mold prevention or remediation, and flood cleanup. As professionals, our experts at Sunnyvale SOS and similar companies must put in the time and training to meet these standards and expectations in every home they enter to assist with flooding, fire, and mold remediation. For many homeowners, it is not common knowledge that water damage can do more than damage property. It is important to know that water damage safety and health concerns are prevalent and can have great impact upon a home and its residents.

Mold as a Health Concern

One example of health concerns that must be addressed while cleaning up after water damage is the prevention of black mold. Toxic black mold is a slow growing mold that requires a moist and warm area where the spores can spread. Most often, toxic black mold is a silent killer; it grows out of sight in the walls or ceiling and pollutes the air quality in the home. This is one example of a health concern that arises in the wake of a flood and even flood cleanup. Professionals who have been properly trained can provide inspections and testing for mold and, if necessary, provide complete and protected mold removal.

Safety Measures

When cleaning up after flooding, it is important that those who are cleaning wear the proper protective gear. Face respirators should be worn as well as rubber gloves and rubber boots, and in some cases even protective suits are worn by professionals to ensure that mold contaminants are not spread. Areas that show damage in a home, such as saggy drywall or bulging baseboards, must be removed and repaired. Professional remediation companies can provide you with the best assistance and advice on handling cleanup after a flood and repair of water damage.

Don’t take for granted the significance of a house flood; get the best care for you and those living in your home, and rest assured that you have nothing to worry about.