Water Damage Under Wood Floors

Safely Repairing a Water Damaged Wood Floor

Water can eat away at paint coating and cause warping within minutes. Before you can begin the restoration process, you’ll need to immediately shut off all water valves and water sources. Once the valves are shut off, you may then begin the drying process to the wood floor surfacing. You’re going to need an industrial fan, which you can rent or buy from any local hardware store. It’s highly recommended that you make the investment if you live near surrounding bodies of water since you’re always at greater risk for flood damages as well. Once you have the fan turned on, you’ll want to point the fan directly at the floor. Slightly open the windows and keep the air conditioner running throughout the entire process. It’s very important to have proper ventilation at all times.

Removing the damaged plank boards is no easy challenge and unless you have carpentry skills, it’s always best to call a pro. They will have all the proper drying equipment and knowledge on how to best treat the wood floors. The floorboards must be cleaned and sanitized to prevent the onset formation of mold growth. The restoration process all depends on the degree of water damage to the wood floors. The proper equipment needed besides an industrial air blower is a dehumidifier and a wet vacuum. These items are used to safely absorb the water from the wood and dry out the plank boards. Non-walled carpeting may be salvaged, depending on the severity of the water damage. You might only need to keep the rugs or non-walled carpets out in the sun for a few hours. If you’ve experienced any type of water damage, don’t hesitate to contact a highly valued water damage restoration company right away!

911 Remediation Handles all Water Damaged Wood Flooring Emergencies

Water damage can occur at any given time without any warning. That’s why it’s important to have a highly trusted company like 911 Remediation by your side 24/7. We work throughout the Sunnyvale area and get to the scene quicker than anybody else. Our skillful technicians will safely dry out the wood floors and have your home restored in no time! We’re nationally accredited insurance vendors as well. Don’t let the water damage cause your floors any warping, call us today for full cleanup and restoration!